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Helping music educators

turn their potential 

into performance

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Consulting from Strategic Musication master teachers offer a practical approach that explores innovation in active practice instruction based on our C3 system designed to increase technical and artistic execution in performance through creating a musical blueprint, connecting learning strategies to relevant meaning for the students, and conveying our craft to

our audiences.


Strategic Instruction Topics:


    Prioritizing the Standards

    Curriculum Development

    Instructional Strategies

    Rehearsal Techniques

    Conducting Communication

    Personalized Learning

    Project-based Learning 

    Planning, Facilitating, & Evaluating

    Program Management

    Behavior Management


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• Professional Learning

• Pedagogy/Rehearsal Clinics

• Project Management

• Conducting Coaching

• Program Development 

• Guest Conducting

• Live Webinar

• 1:1 Video Conferencing

• Online, On-demand training

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