Helping student musicians

maximize their story by

turning potential 

into performance

Consulting from Strategic Musication master teachers offer a practical approach that explores innovation in active practice instruction based on our C3 system designed to increase technical and artistic execution in performance through creating a musical blueprint, connecting learning strategies to relevant meaning for the students, and conveying our craft to

our audiences. Let us customize a solution specifically for you!


Strategic Leadership Topics include:


    Peers Teaching Peers

    Why Kids Do What They Do

    Intrinsic Motivation of the WE/US

    Growing from Good to Great

    Socially Acceptable Frameworks

    Rehearsal Techniques 101

    Urgency NOW

    Conducting Communication

    The Difference is in the Details

    Servant Leadership 

    Consequences vs Punishment 

    EMPOWERMENT, Together We Can      


• Leadership Selection

• Staff Training

• Leadership Retreats

• Conferences and Camps

• Team Building

• Ownership and Empowerment

• Program Development 

• Drum Major Coaching

• Student Conducting Lab

• 1:1 Video Conferencing


Strategic Leadership