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Rally the Troops

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Booster Organizations are a “people business.” Building a great people-oriented organization includes: • Developing personal relationships (nurture & encourage)

• Enlisting an army of volunteers for building a comprehensive team • Providing support necessary for success including detailed information and job descriptions.

Finding your sidekick “The first person you choose to work with you will be the single most important decision you ever make. If there are only two people in your company, you had better ensure that person is as strong, if not stronger, as you.” - James Smith James Smith, author of Leadership Code (2012) advocates that volunteer armies are built one person at a time. Culture is built one person at a time. Your vision is shared one person at a time. High performing teams, or organizations, are changed or built one person at a time. It starts with one. One of the most successful television personalities of all time was Johnny Carson. Ed McMahon was his “side chair, sidekick, partner in crime. Who is your sidekick, co-pilot, or concertmaster? It is not about having a “yes” person or having a henchman, it is about having a true support person who a) understands and b) believes in your vision and will do whatever it takes to help you be successful. Does it have to be the best musician or a first string athlete, or the booster club president? No, it needs to be that person who is first and for most focused on hearing the “beat of your drum, not their own!” (Smith, 2012) Every leader needs a second in command. You need someone in your organization you can trust and a partner to help you that is from the team. As a leader, you may not get honest feedback and you need to have eyes and ears at the water cooler. Additionally, when you have a second in command, your message becomes clearer and there is not just one voice. Then, you have strength in numbers as you convert or shift people. One becomes two, then two becomes four, and four becomes eight. Don’t worry about everyone, because you will lose. Align yourself with the people you have to help fulfill your vision. With enough diligence, you will come to work one day and find an army ready to fight for you.

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