2021 FAME Conference

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The 2021 Feierabend Association for Music Education Conference is hosted by FAME and facilitated by Strategic Musication.


The conference is supported by two online platforms:

1) HeySummit is the platform for registration and the conference website and virtual conference communication.

2) BigMarker is the webinar platform (similar to Zoom) where you as a presenter will share your session.

Presenter Link to Your Session

Presenters will receive an email on Monday, June 28th that will include your personal presenter link to your session. Please check your inbox and spam filters for a presenters link from BigMarker.

Before July 1: Establish Your Login and Verify Technology

1) Please click the link provided in the email. This will open the backstage area to your webinar session.


2) Click the "Host Login" button on the top right corner of the Webinar page.

3) You will be directed to a Login Window. Click "Forgot Your Password"

Enter your email address (same one used to receive the presenter link) and create a password.

4) Locate the "Password Recovery" email sent from BigMarker. It may be in a spam filter or your inbox.

5) Using your original Presenter Link, return to your webinar session page and verify the system check and equipment checks to make sure your computer you use and internet connection are working properly.

6) Save your BigMarker login username email and password so that you can access it easily on the day of the event.

Test Your Internet Speed  

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Confirm Your Session Time

Presenter Overview Training Session Video

Resources for Presenter Review

Please Review these resources one week before the event to serve as a refresher:

BigMarker Presenter Guide

Webinar Room Demo Video

How To Enter the Room


Email Contact:
David W. Vandewalker